Atomium Additives

Atomium Additives

We are the official Certified Atomium Partners in East & Central Africa. Tribotechnical compounds “Active” series are a mixture of fine particles of active natural mineral in the base engine oil. Compound is designed to be added to the engine oil system. We sale Atomium oil Additives for restoring working characteristics of all automotive engines, gearboxes, transmission and fuel systems. Our Additives will do the following: reduces engine noise and vibration, knocking, increases compression, increases power, acceleration,  increases lifetime of the engines, reduces fuel consumption, injectors cleaning, reduces oil burning, provides protection at high loads, reduces toxicity and smoke of engines, provides protection during active driving and also facilitates start-up and protection during “cold start-up”. 



Tribotechnical compounds forms conditions under which the protective layer with a thickness of up-to 10 micrometers of metal contained in the working oil is formed on friction surfaces.

Mineral itself is not consumed and remains in the oil system, it resumes the process of forming the protective layer in case of wear . The protective layer, due to the special structure, has high wear resistance and ability to better hold an engine oil. It partially restores the original geometry of the friction parts, enhances microhardness of friction surfaces, optimizes gaps and improves the quality of lubrication.

Atomium oil additive for gasoline and diesel engines

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